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Palm Sunday Blue
Available at the Blue Pear, Crown Point, IN

Dana Zier, Murals and Paintings

Dana Zier is an artist working in Indiana, Wyoming and Montana.  This month, her large still-lifes spotlighting glass, teapots and cups are featured on this website.  
Dana has her B.A. from Montana State University - Billings, and her M.A. from Purdue, West Lafayette, IN.  She has painted and taught across the United States, and is currently teaching at St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, IN.
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Teapot in Delphian Spirea
Oil on Canvas, $1600

"On the surface, my work appears to explore traditional subjects such as still-life, landscape or wild horses.  Upon closer examination, my viewer can detect subtle nuances of the human condition, and intuit a communication beyond the subjects.

Being told that still-life and realism was boring and for old ladies that wanted to paint in their spare time, I want to teach the viewers that objects do retain a 'memory' of their owner and small clues to their owner's personalities.  To make them monumental in size, though the communication is very intimate, makes me laugh!"

Green Bottle Diversity
Oil on Canvas, $1400


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